• Foiled Overlay Tape De-stash Grab Bags

Foiled Overlay Tape De-stash Grab Bags

  • $15.00
  • $50.00

You will receive 12-13 overlay tapes in each grab bag!  These are mega discounted and each tape comes out to less than $1, with over 80% off regular retail prices!

Please note: The price includes shipping (discounted) as these will ship separately from your order because of the size and weight of the grab bag.  However, if you order additional items (ie: random pulls), your entire order will ship out at the same time.

Example: 4 full box overlays, 2 scene boxes overlays, 1 bougie box overlays, 3 15mm overlays, 3 glitter header overlays. 

-All contain at least 6-7 Large (full box, bougie, scene) and 6-7 smaller (header, 15mm washi, date cover) tapes.

There are no limits on these grab bags but note you will get duplicates if you purchase more than 1.  

Material: Clear sticker adhesive paper on a roll with perforations for easy tearing and application