UNDATED Month + Weeks // A5 Wide Planner Inserts

  • $35.00

Our brand new inserts are here! We collabed with Letters to Apollo to bring their gorgeous hand lettering in your new planner! 

All three planner designs this year are made to be used in a ring bound A5-Wide planner.  The weekly pages are the standard 1.5" wide columns with no change to bottom washi dimensions and our monthly pages fit the industry standard 1.6" wide column monthly kits.  They will fit pretty much all shops that make monthly kits for the standard EC sizes of the past, but they will not fit the 1.5" kits made for the Aura Estelle monthlies.  

Planner Info:

  • Dividers are 180 gsm thick paper for the dividers with mylar laminated & reinforced tabs
  • Inner inserts are 120 gsm

Undated Monthly Planners include:

  • 1 x gold foil embossed lave bow vellum
  • 1 x 2021 year at a glance page + 12 section goals list
  • 12 Months of Monthlies + 5 Weeks in between each monthly (60 weeks)
  • 12 pages of notes at the very back of each month

Undated Planner: you will receive 5 weeks in between each monthly divider.  This leaves you with extra weeks that you will need to take out or you can use as replacements in case you need to re-do any week in your planner.  To decorate your tabs, please take a look at our foiled tab cover sticker options to customize the look of your planner! 

Planner Layout (undated monthly):

Page 1 Foil embossed vellum

Page 2: Year at a glance 2021 (front) + 12 month goal section (back)

Page 3-4: Monthly divider + Monthly spread

Page 4 & on: 5 weeks of weekly spreads

Last page of each month is a notes page and then the next month starts.

**Our inserts are a continuous format, meaning right after your monthly page it goes right into the Weekly pages.**

Please refer to pictures for detailed look into both planners, close-up pics, and digital renderings.  If you still have questions, please feel free to e-mail help@caresspress.com or head to IGTV to look at our video detailing the planners and to get a live view of them in person.