Mystery Subscription Info

Our mystery kits have been revamped for 2020.  Not only do we have new and improved formats, we also have added to every kit size a matching themed foil bundle.  The base foil bundle will always include matching themed glitter header overlays, full box overlays, a cute quote box, and bottom washi overlays.  The format and the additional foil elements might be changed up to go with the theme we've chosen for that month (ie: scripts to match the theme instead of daily scripts).

We currently offer 4 different size mystery subscriptions:

1. Ultimate
2. Full
3. Essentials
4. Mini

The formats for the mystery kits are the same as our most current formats in shop, which you can find with the newest releases.  Occasionally we might change the format of a kit to improve functionality and to keep up with planning trends but the value of the kit you receive will be the same. The format of the foil add-ons will change quite often as well.  

Here are some frequently asked questions:

When can I sign up?

Sign-ups occur between the 1st and 15th of the month depending on weekends and shop releases.  We will announce sign-ups on Instagram or in our FB group.  Once sign-ups go up, typically you have about 1 week to sign-up until they are closed until the following month.  

How much are the subscriptions?

The subscriptions are the same price as our in shop kits of the same corresponding kit size except for the mini kit subscription:

Ultimate: $29.75 matte/ $28.75 glossy
Full: $26.75 matte/ $25.75 glossy
Essentials: $23.75 matte/ $22.75 glossy
Mini: $18.00 matte / $17.25 glossy

Why are mini kits $0.50 more than the in shop kits?

The reason we marked it up is so we could include the extras in ALL of the kits. Not all shops include all the extras with their mini kits, but we like to reduce waste and also we like the idea of you being able to order exactly according to your planning needs!  So the little up-charge is to make it fair since the cost of the extras is such a large percentage of value compared to the larger sized kits. 

I just signed up, when will I receive my first mystery kit?

Our mystery shipping schedule is from the 25-31st of each month.  So, if you just ordered on May 14th, you're first kit will ship anywhere from May 25th-29th, since the 30 & 31st are weekends and we don't ship on the weekends.  If you signed up on June 2nd, your first mystery kit would ship on June 25th, 26th, 29th, or 30th of June.

On which day does the mystery subscription bill to my account?

On the day you sign-up, you will be charged on the date.  For every month after that first month, you will be billed on the 15th.

Can I switch sizes for the mystery kit?

You can switch anytime so long as you haven't already been billed that month for the size kit you signed up for.  Please make any and all changes to your subscription before the 14th of each month!

Will the mystery kit be sold in the shop?

We always have a few kits and extra foil on hand that we will bring to the shop, but it will not be restocked, so quantities are limited and once it is gone, it'll be gone for good until if/when we decide to reformat and bring it back in a later year.  But we will not bring back kits until a complete year has passed since it's original release date.