• 15mm Washi Grab Bag / 10 qty

15mm Washi Grab Bag / 10 qty

  • $3.00
  • $10.00

You will a random misfit foil bundle in the size of your choosing at an unbeatable price!  Misfits are all minor and most of the majority of the bundle is still perfect.  Defects can include a bent sheet, scratched foil, misaligned foiling, missing small deco, missing scripts or date numbers.  

Includes new and old format foil bundles.

NOTE: We recommend not getting more than 10 bundles if you don't want multiples; however, we aren't limiting these, so if you don't mind getting multiples, you can purchase more!


Clear Sticker Paper: A transparent clear sticker paper for embellishments or overlaying on stickers.